Movement as Medicine
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David Spine Care's primary mission is to provide a proven solution for patients with back and neck pain and help restore them to an active daily lifestyle. We have helped over 90% of patients referred to us, even if they have failed in other therapy programs.

The David Spine Care Program is a non-invasive, exercise based program that utilizes specialized DAVID(info) devices equipped with the EVE Professional(info) system that evaluates and treats back and neck disorders. Individualized programs are planned from a questionnaire, physical evaluation, and EVE tests. The program uses carefully controlled movement and loading to the targeted muscles that stabilize the spine. 

What Causes Back and Neck Pain?

When your back or neck experiences pain over time, the muscles gradually lose their ability to maintain the proper function that will stabilize and protect the spine during activity. Consequently, your back and/or neck muscles begin to act randomly through spasms and tightening because they're not sure how and when they're supposed to work. 

The David Spine Care Program gradually trains and restores the correct memory to the muscles, enabling them to consistently work in harmony and stabilize and protect during activity. The brain then stores, retrieves, and uses the restored muscle memory to maintain proper back and neck function for the long term. Simply with a referral from your physician you can begin your spinal rehabilitation therapy today.

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